Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flamus Interruptus

I got caught sneaking out for a surf yesterday morning at a North County beach break. After a few very good waves it was a very busy day from there. First, had to evacuate the office in Encinitas by 11am, then I got my family out of our home at 3pm because the air quality was so bad. I stayed behind with the dog and fortunately we're fine...it's still burning and far from over and it'll be hard to breath around here for weeks. My thoughts go out to those who weren't as fortunate in this fire.


Andres said...

Take care man,

I went out both yesterady and today in ventura, I hate to say it, but the waves are amazing right now, its smokey, even up here and the ash is everywhere, but the surfing is great.

Surfsister said...

Stay safe and don't take any chances (with the fires). Andres is right. It's been good for the last few days. But it will be good again. Take care!

Bill said...

Went out to T-mar, waves were there ...... but it was a guilty pleasure kinda.... oh well

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