Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Charles "Donkey" Baer

That's right folks, the original Internet donkey. If you don't know about CWB, you've not truly experienced the Internet. I've got about as much regard for Chuck as I do the rest of the world's politicians...that'd be none. Ah yeah, get it on!


Anonymous said...

Is this guy DRINKING the bong water?
Hawaiian Time!

officer ponchirello said...

Damm smelly cyber-hippie. He looks like that fat, pale dude in the South Park "World of Warcraft" episode.

Anonymous said...

Baer might be the only person to ever post on the ERbb who is more of an asshole than Scott Bass.

skadog said...

isn't he like some kind of online college professor?
Or maybe he's the guy who collects the shoppnig karts @ wal-mart.

Who's Your Daddy said...

I'd bet on the latter.

Anonymous said...

No, he lost his job at Walmart because he's too stupid. Also, his co-workers continually complained about his gag inducing body odor.

Bill said...

I lika da laydaze. I dont give a rats prez of da earth hawaiian time.

Anonymous said...

mind you one person one vote now theres a strange concept !

diro said...

I was almost expecting to hear his mom yell from another room: "Charlie, have you done your chores today?!"

Anonymous said...


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