Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Skim Milk Please

I don't normally visit or post pics from Daily Bread since KaserOne isn't my biggest fan. I do like most of his pics though. This is a good one sent to me by reader Brent. Now, everyone be good Internet users and click over to Kaser's site and enjoy the rest of his show.


kaser_one said...

I thought we kissed and made out, I mean up.

Whatever dude, I hate you again.

Kype away dingdong!

Who's Your Daddy said...

LOL. I thought that was your sister.

Kype? Is that some clownburg phrase?

kaser_one said...

Kype is a hipster, cool dude, bro term.

Keep up old man!

Bill said...

Kaiser one..
that man produces some truly great stuff.

wedged said...

i'd like to see the end of the sequence where his head's buried into the sand with his legs sticking out ;)

warm jet said...

nice to see hugging anywhere.
a good example.
Kipe = to steal. (from the late 70's stoner dictionary)
Glad to see it return.
The bread will hopefully get some $ relief and get back into water shots again as well. There's a special talent there.
Someone should donate a 770 OLY or a
Pentax W60 his way for all the enjoyment he provides.
note; Coast Guard has deemed SUP's
& paddle boards vessels!!!
at last.

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