Thursday, February 04, 2010

Do You Believe In Karma?

Background Part 1: As many of you know, I've been struggling with an tendon injury in my elbow for almost 2 years now. I haven't surfed in 14 months (with the exception of a 30 minute paddle on New Years Day to watch the sun rise - wavecount =2) in an effort to heal. While I've made progress, I'm still not able to surf.

Background Part 2: Since the inception of this site, it's been misunderstood by many. The original intent was to recreate the joy that I got every month when I flipped to the back of Surfer Magazine and took in the "Extra". Those photos made me laugh, induced a feeling of shock, or created a simple feeling of amazement at one particular moment in time. My intent with this site was certainly not to be malicious (OK, maybe a little bit when posting SUP stuff).

Theory: My wife has never liked my "blog". In fact she thinks that its mean and has brought me bad Karma. Today she suggested to me that if I were to discontinue this blog, my arm would heal. Crazy? Maybe there is some truth to it?

Question: What do you think about the theory? Feedback welcomed. Isn't Karma created by one's true intent, or is the the perceived intent? I'm on the fence, but leaning in her direction.

85 comments: said...

It's just surfing. Surfing. It's funny and 1 of maybe 3 sites I check "daily" ... That animation a while back ... Maybe the most classic thing done in the history the webernets... "Can I wear my rashguard over my wetsuit?"

Alan said...

I think that getting old sucks! :>

As for the blog, it brings a smile to my face, knowing that I surely have had more than my share of "donkey" moments that have not, so far, been captured in the wild.

Anonymous said...

I've found that the better you treat others, the better they treat you. This is important in the surf for obvious reasons. I also think that a karma connection between interpersonal behavior and physical ailments is unlikely (to put it kindly).

Michael said...

People are funny ... surfing is funny ... I find these photos uplifting because it helps me realize I'm not the only one the does stupid things. There are other donkeys! I think what you are doing is GOOD karma.

Anonymous said...

To be brutally honest, I doubt Karma gives a shit about your crappy little blog. I on the other hand do, so pleeeeaaase keep up the good work and keep us entertained. Takes the edge off starting work every morning.
We are all of us donkeys. To some degree or another.
BTW, have to agree with Alan, it's getting old that sucks, not karmic pay-back.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with Anon 11:43. Karma relates to true intent, not other's perception of intent.

Alan_M said...

Karma would come into play only if you induced any actual or intended harm or misfortune on another being. Who's really getting hurt by a laugh or two? )ok, maybe my sides have hurt from laughing at some of the pics). Tendonds are slow to heal, that's all. Keep up the Donk, you're doing more good than harm.

Old Kook said...

Karma is intent. Karma is not because some people are thin skinned. Like television or radio or film. If it offends you, don't tune in or go to the movie. In turn, don't read this blog if you can't laugh at yourself or others with no malicious intent.

Anonymous said...

Your blog kicks ass. I look at it every day to get my daily chuckle. You just post pictures that you feel are funny. Some of the people that comment are the ones being malicious.
My suggestion...either:
1) Get a better doctor
2) Get a good divorce attorney

Al said...

I'm glad that either your wife knows you better than you know yourself, or she doesn't get you at all
-Al Soldano

Jeff said...

Your blog is great. Some misread your posts as mean-spirited, but most get it. I think the karma generated by your posts is strongly in your favor. Wives are usually right... but in this case I selfishly hope you can convince her otherwise. Thank you for the laughs.

Anonymous said...

The blog is hilarious and fun, keep it up. "Mean" is relative, the blog doesn't come close to the sadistic heckling I endured (and dished out) at DHHS, haha. SGVL

kalanijr.fitisemanu said...

I've been out of the water since before Thanksgiving due to physical ailments I'm beginning think I might live with for the rest of my life...and it sucks!!!Your Blog is entertaing...I believe Karma has nothing to do with your physical problems...hopefully we get back in the water soon.

Anonymous said...

Only a donkey would worry about karma. Stop crying and post pictures of kooks bailing. Watching people stack is one of the few joys that Big Whitey and his System have left me.

Nooner said...

Frank Booth posts here... nuff said.

Try Hemp seed oil for your tendonitis, WD-40 for the body.

Anonymous said...

I took a world religion class and if I recall accurately, Karma is taken in the next life. If you're an asshole, you become perhaps a maggot; If you're a nice guy, you become a dolphin or something rad in the next life. So basically, malicious acts don't effect the person/soul/being until you pass on. Therefore, the link between YDD and your arm probably isn't cosmically related. . .but you may be a donkey in the next life!!!

Love the blog. Good luck with the arm.

51773 said...

Karma is bunk. A nice little childish fairy tale to balance ones guilt. Same as flogging.
Why live under condemnation? Why live with guilt? Why live with a feeling that this happened because of something else?
You have to be free of all that. You half to follow the one that has already taken care of all payments for any crime. Guilt, all gone.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at the thought that karma f'd your elbow because of a blog.

C'mon WYD, you know dang well that karma based theory stuff is crappo. Your blog kicks ass and those who don't "get it" don't have to read it. It's fun and entertaining and a lot of people will miss it if you stop posting.


Frank Muthafukkin Booth said...

By now, you should realize that your physical ailment has nothing to do with the things you post on the 'net. If internet postings had a direct correlation to one's health, I would be in need of a double hip replacement, and people like Scott Bass and "Disco Tex" would have cancer of the ass AND balls. (That's based on the tenuous possibility that either of them actually has "balls".)

Anonymous said...

And long live FRANK BOOTH!!!!

Anonymous said...

The day you quit this blog is the day I start Your Daily Donkee... this humor must never be stopped... Karma, wife, or boss... dont ever stop!!!

Anonymous said...

Brah, I don't know how I found this site but it fargin' cracks me up. This is one of two surf-related sites that I frequent; the other being the surf forecast for Kauai(I live here). With the exception of anything SUP related I've pulled off my share of donkeyness so I relate. Thank gawd no one had a camera handy! I think the smiles you bring to your virtual audience probably helps out your karmic account. Get your ass healed and keep the Donkey flowing! Mahalo!

Anonymous said...

what is karma if not balance? now out of surfers, kayakers and sweepers which two don't have any balance?

great site, keep her lit.

Anonymous said...

WYD gave K-Uno his password and k-uno posted this blog entry hahahahahaaa

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts:
This Blog is funny, clever, somewhat mean spirited (which is, at times, just fine) and obviously popular.
Like others, I check it "daily."
Interestingly, this post has generated a higher-level conversation than the typical responses (with a couple of marked exceptions).
It is refreshing to see my fellow surfers able to laugh at themselves. To paraphrase Bob Penuelas: There's a little Wilbur Kookmeyer in all of us!
Keep the Blog, ignore the nonsense, like karma.

jason said...

awww, c'mon. the quasi "goodbye post" has already been done.

can't you find something original to do for ONCE in your life!



el guapachoso said...

your blog is great and no surfer should take himself so seriously as to be offended by goofy pix.
as for SUPers, they're too dumb to know better.

as for karma - not to get too serious in this forum, but most westerners misunderstand the concept. it really doesn't mean that if you tip your waitress, you'll score a good parking place. karma is accumulated through behavior, intention, action, and is part of our endless cycle of life and rebirth. if you really believe in reincarnation, you understand that if things happen to you in this life, they're part of all the actions you've taken in your past lives, etc.

i'm no expert, but i do know that the concept isn't as simple as "quit blogging and heal faster"

pushingtide said...

Wives ruined surfing. And cool blogs.

Fuck donkeys!!

Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

In the grand scheme of things, truly inspired comedy is almost exclusively rooted in mean-spirited digs (who actually ever laughed at "Why did the chicken cross the road?" It's a neutral riddle, yes. But funny? Hell no!). Rudeness and comedic inspiration go hand in hand. So don't worry about being a donkey in the "next life" (I'm Christian, so I don't believe in Karma in most all senses at all), and enjoy what we have here: funny material. Being Christian also inspires me to have compassion for others, but I honestly don't think that you are committing overt wrong doings in this blog. It's just innocent water cooler fodder (though I do sense a strong distaste for SUPs!)

And a tip for the wise: if you don't do it, someone else will pick up where you left off!

Anonymous said...


Father Frank Booth said...

"Strong distaste for SUPs"?
We friggin hate 'em. Almost as much as we hate Christians.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who read praying that there wasn't someone on the beach with a camera the day before (week before-month before-year before).

I feel that if you can't surf right now and this keeps you connected to surfing in whatever way, you should continue. If you get a bit of enjoyment or even a taste of the feeling of being out in the water from the brotherhood of readers, carry on. If it does not give you that, I am sure someone else might want to take up the flag.

A good snark is only human. It gives us all a good laugh.

I will of course take all this back the day I realize it was me pictured as Spring Suit Booty Dad.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a good question but one only you can answer correctly.
What is the blog to you?

Lots of different traditional definitions/explanations on karma and current misunderstandings concerning karma.
But I don't think the answer would be trying to do 'nice' things to get desired results. Sounds like ass kissing some god and childish.

*Why not a work around for paddling? eg knee-low, sponger, handplane, greenough spoon.

I like your blog. I hope I can surf til I can't walk anymore but ...
*Just in case(please, whomever god is dealing this shit out, let me be able to surf just a little more. I'll be good)

Who's Your Daddy said...

Given my decision on the future of this blog, I felt the need to provide you guys with a little clarity.

The "Karma" question really was one which I thought would provide for some interesting opinions. My wife just provided the sound byte. I'm not looney enough to really believe that my blogging (negative or otherwise) has a direct relationship to my elbow pain. Really, I don't spend that much time at the computer.

Regardless, two-and-a-half years is a long time to push pictures and "steal material" without creating any original contribution. One can only repackage a cookie so many ways.

Thanks you you all for visiting. I had no idea that this stuff could generate nearly 500,000 visits in the time it was up.

I hope someone runs with this concept in the future. It just won't be me.

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Anonymous said...

I think that calling someone a donkey is unkind. I've never liked your blog. Many of the photos are boring. Daily Bread is much better. I don't know you or Kaser, but his site has so much stoke, and your's... not so much.

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i miss the photos.......they remind me of things i've seen out surfing and just daily life.

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Mabuli came again.
Compare with the photograph when coming to Hangzhou last time, appear this of Mabuli low-key much, surround without fan view, when training close strictly, changeless is the bright smile that he bares 8 front tooth then and that very conspicuous small red cap, shook ground of leisurely of shake from side to side to walk into Hangzhou gymnasium so, throw to tonight in training before the contest with game of team of wide mansion Ming Kai.
Follow in Ma Bu the same day that Fosan male basket reachs Hangzhou, come out from club of basketball of Beijing gold border message: Francis had put forward the request of drop out to Beijing team yesterday, both sides will handle the relevant matters concerned after Francis leaves recently. Francis joins in this farce of CBA had a final result eventually.
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Before this, in be informed Francis to join in CBA when, mabuli once expressed special expect the competition with Beijing team, can let he and Francis be opposite again on the competition ground of CBA definitely, but everything was become now " not the cloud " , this makes Mabuli regretful also extremely: "I all the time very expect to meet with him, nevertheless this also does not have method. Cannot be in with him CBA argue, true regrettablly. True regrettablly..
Since already cannot with not old encountering, it is profitless also to say more, still want to focus attention on the match of male to Mingkai today basket. At present the military successes of Fosan team is only 2 get the better of 4 negative, rank a list of names posted up of league matches integral the 11st, this Rangmabuli also feels a few minutes of pressure. Mabuli expresses, he has studied group of wide mansion Ming Kai already carefully, special still the foreign aid that mentioned Ming Kaigang to change Terry Kaili: "The match tomorrow, we two meetings are right go up the position, I know him, he is pretty good. " catching a cold all the time as a result of this paragraph of time nevertheless, so the closest physical ability situation in Ma Bu is not very good, the word that uses him says, this coming contest will special " hard " : "I still am coughing, not be very comfortable, but field match is unchallenged on tomorrow, try hard to go all out to moment. "Editor: ? Lin? Pay close attention to his small gain
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