Thursday, July 23, 2009


With a south swell on tap for the west coast over the next couple of days, the carnage should be epic. Salt Creek got it going a little early. Pic by reader Rick.


Anonymous said...

Learn to surf day at Salt Creek!

No experience required!

Fat, old, young, skinny...come on out...No etiquette required!

You too can be an asshole without trying!

Bill said...

that's freakin funny

Anonymous said...

Where the fuck are these people coming from? I've never seen some of these donkeys this morning.

Andrew said...

I'm surprised there's not more booties in that picture. I love how SoCal will get the juxtaposition of people in a fullsuit with gloves, booties and a hood next to people trunking it

e. said...

That's disgusting.