Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Decision TIme

What do you do? Considering the isolation of the spot in question and lack of alternative spots, do you paddle out?


Anonymous said...

Living in FL I would much rather have a close encounter with a shark than an Alligator, same would go for a Crock. I'd still paddle out just a bit of a ways down the line-up, and the fact I've never had the chance to surf Witches Rock.

I just might have to pull a Jim Flowers (Wild Kingdom)and wrestle that crock for a set wave.

El Hefe said...

If the croc wears tite pants, then I defintiely DON'T paddle out cuz I like women.

23 Chips said...

The Chips ain't skaid. That croc is a kook anyways. It got worked by that little insider.

23 Chips