Friday, February 01, 2008


Don't forget your earrings!


kaser_one said...

nice map, and also look up "widgets" for yer blog. i'd like to play Donkey Kong everytime I come to Daily Donkey.

pushingtide said...

Another dude turned me onto this ratings site for your blog. Type in yours and you get a "G" rating.

You ain't tryin' hard enough Donkey.

pushingtide said...

oops here is the site:

Who's Your Daddy said...

Sorry Kaser, the "Kong" widget was too loud...if there was a muted version, I'd put it up.

Pushingtide, I'm all about being an R-rated site in G-rated clothing!

kaser_one said...

piss then

no donkey kong on daily donkey?