Monday, January 07, 2008

Barefoot surfing

No photoshop...where's his board? Pic from Surfinside.


Anonymous said...

surfdad lost his zippifish
surfdad LOVES to say "zippifish"
Surfdad lost his zippifish at low tide.

low tide

Anonymous said...

he should be riding a neon, sponsor-logo-covered longboard so we can see it better?

matt said...

what's up with the excessive use of hoods in so-cal lately? it's not that cold!

Anonymous said...

That guy wears that hat every session he has. It helps keep his brain from spilling out of his skull and revealing his stupidity. See, that's a new hat, purchased within the last year. Before this one, he had the same one for many years, and it was so tattered he was forced to buy the one he is currently wearing, most likely, from Mitch's La Jolla.

On another note, I'd like to take this opportunity to report that the dude (remaining nameless) is a local La Jolla Kook who frequents Windansea and thinks he can surf better than he actually can, probably because he can walk to WS from his parents' home, and it's one of those La Jolla entitlement type of deals...if you don't believe me, then paddle out at W/S during a good south in July in the late afternoon/early evening. He'll be there with that brain lid, guaranteed.

Jeffery said...

I don't know where his board went, but he's either a mouth breeder, or he's storing nuts in his cheeks.

Anonymous said...

geez anonymous, you could be describing any number of newbs goons