Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Circus Is In Town

A few shots from my phone of the circus at Swamis this morning. I was out of the water by 7:15 due to the large proportion of surfers bobbing for apples and getting in the way.

Gridlock and lookiloos on PCH.

Fox News, must be a slow news day.

How many time have you gone to the circus and seen a helicopter?

The Peanut Gallery was four deep in spots.

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Andres said...

It wasnt any better in Ventura, I was out in the water, only about 3 of us out there and about 20 just watching. I caught a couple of rides and came in, the current was strong and about 2 feet overhead. fun but exhausting. I got out at 7:40am.

a couple of dudes got jacked up, the current pushed them down to some houses and one guy lost his board and another 2 guys had thier boards broken. then over at Overheads I saw some guys on jet skis, so I hope they werent tow-in surfing, becasue thats just ridiculous, but it probably was.