Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It wasn't until I got out of the water on the morning of 9/11 that I had learned of the tragic events in NYC that morning. I decided to not go into work that day, spend some time with my family, and even ventured back into the lineup later that morning. It was the most quiet session of my life. Stunned silence in the lineup, with others like myself just trying to wash away the shock and try to figure out what happened.


Anonymous said...

Everyone remembers where they were.... I ventured down to DMJ on Camp Pendleton that morning slid through the check point at 6am... the MP were relaxed and let us on... turned back on 91x and the DJ said that it was no joke that a plane had hit the Trade Center.... we paddled out and had an epic session, by the time we got in both towers were down... my friend, who is the most core unruffled type of guy, was panicked and almost in tears... as we were leaving the base the check point was in full RED alert... Tanks, M16's everywhere, 100's of cars in line to get on the base... Full tactical alert... it was the last time I have surfed DMJ's

Drew said...

Unfortunately I was on my way to some crappy temp job in Escondido when I was living in Carlsbad so I didn't surf that day. I had Stern on and he did a play by play. that was one morbid sad day. I surfed the south Jetty at Oceanside Harbor the next morning and there dozens of cars at 5am trying to get into work at Pendleton..Military was in full force...Nobody got a break...That was a tough time and a sad day.

inside job said...

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