Friday, July 06, 2007


I wish people had a little more respect for our beaches. What a joke.
Pic from Surfshot.


Anonymous said...

Their homes look the same way.
Bunch of oxygen wasting dirt bags that go to the beach twice a year. No respect for themselves or anyone else!

Alan_M said...

donkey droppings!

Anonymous said...

Is this the aftermath of the fourth or just a typical donkey weekend? Either way it is very sad to see!

Anonymous said...

people suck

gracefullee said...

People disappoint me.

Sebastien said...


Jon P. said...

We always bring a trash bag to the beach if we're going to hang for the day.
When we're done, we pick up the beer cans & juice boxes & any other trash we see on our way back to the trail. I never put the trash bag in the bottom trash can. (Some people won't throw their trash away unless it's convenient.)
If the trash can at the top is full, I take the trash home.
Now how do we get everyone else to respect our beaches like we do?