Sunday, September 17, 2006


What are the odds that this is a pic of the whiner? lol
Happy Sunday all!


J.P. said...

He is riding one of the "7" boards, knock offs from Thailand. Back to the golf course for him.

wavemachine said...

Donkey Dude...your daddy was obviously an ass.
Those kind of apples don't fall far from the "tree"

Who's Your Daddy said...

LOL. Crack on me all you want, but leave my family out of this.

*too close to home....too close to home...too close to home*

wavemachine said...

Donkey Dude, you may be of
Questionable Paternity, but didn't your momma ever advise you,

" if you don't have something ncie to say don't say anything at all? "

why are you making fun of people?

stillstoked said...

Donkey Dude,

You make a sport of ridiculing people who are just out to enjoy the water.
Let's see your picture up here.

Better yet, why don't you get creative and do something interesting with this site?

DerDer said...

If you can't handle alittle bit of humor... LEAVE!