Monday, August 14, 2006


Thanks to reader "M" who found this treasure, check the pic! Actual ad copy:

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Date: 2006-08-11, 12:49PM PDT

Used a handfull of time in excelent conditions; no dings; I cleaned the wax off. A 9'leash included which car key can be put inside the velcro area. Travel bag and fins included (tri-fin). A very easy to put on soft rack too. 9'0 Nose Rider - Racing Yellow - Gloss Finish. check out>>>

Got a new 8'6" Becker with a coat of kicks ass!..just want to share ; )
call me I need money. 323-XXX-6796 Donna


LetsGetWet said...

Am I seeing that right?? Is the fin in backwards, or am I the donkey???

Anonymous said...

i wonder if her new longboard has that same, sweet, revolutionary fin design?

Who's Your Daddy said...

It must be faster.

Barn E said...

for a better laugh go to the RebelBoards website and read the "About" section.

stu said...

what came 1st, the donkey customer or the the donkey board maker?

from (credit to barn e)

"So we put our heads together and with our combined knowledge of business, IT, water sports, and successful financial investments, we came up with three key concepts for how to approach this business venture. First is to shape the boards in Asia to save cost. Secondly, kick the industry standard and go with epoxy construction. Finally, make it an online business for less overhead. With our unconventional approach, that makes us a “rebel” in a sense, we decided to call our product, “RebelBoards”; thus, our company was born.

It took six months of research to answer our first challenge, to find a reliable manufacturer and business partner in Asia.. Then, after coming up with our logos, we ordered seven different sample boards. When we unpacked them, first impressions were good as we had a unique product, epoxy boards with stringers, very cool."

J.P. said...

Maybe that is Backwards Bill's board?